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Subscriptions to the Private Pages “Articles” (which you can buy under the title “Subscribe Here”) will focus primarily on giving you an informed vision of the coming 2019 major-league season, mainly the questions of who is going to play, and how they will do. This subject will be developed for you with a large quantity of precise and detailed answers in the form of forecasts of 2019 performance across a broad spectrum of popular stat categories used to evaluate player performance. Our forecasts and values will appear in diverse formats and groupings, including alphabetical, ranked by value for all pitchers and for all position players from top to bottom, grouped and ranked by position by league, and also in the form of major-league depth charts presenting indicators of playing time and value. We will also produce a series of comprehensive draft sheets to meet your practical needs.

Forecast stats and values generally employ the content and methods in John Benson’s 2019 draft software and will be printed from that software, enhanced and complemented with the valuation methods embodied in the software, applying on a consistent basis the exact valuation logic, algorithms, and multiple checks and balances that ensure 100% rationality and sensibility in all valuations of all players: the right amount of money, the right number of players at the right positions, sensible totals of at-bats per team and total innings pitched per team, total pitchers’ wins plus losses equal to about 162 for each team, total wins approximating total losses for all teams combined, etc. Values and rankings will be made within contexts that include AL, NL, and both/mixed player populations. The focus on forecasts and values will be intense during the time between now and early April. Stats and values will be updated continuously from now until April 7, 2019. Revisions will be printed weekly or more frequently during that time frame. In addition to 2019 forecasts and values, we will be publishing discussions, reasoning, opinions, evidence, insider views, insights, and thoughtful considerations of rankings of multiple players at each position in each league as we focus on who’s going to play and how well they will do in the major leagues in 2019.

Secondarily and with less intensity, less comprehensively, and with much less frequency, our commentary, news, ideas, and rethinking of values and rankings will continue through the 2019 season. We will focus on what changes after the original 2019 outlook, for example changes in roles, injuries, new players emerging faster than expected, trade impacts, managers changing their minds, and so on. In addition to questions about what changes, we will look at questions of why and how much. There is no set publication schedule. Frequency and topics will depend on what changes and what readers’ interests are. Topics may include responses to readers’ questions about subjects that would be of interest to many or most of our readers.

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40 Exclusive Interviews by John Benson (192 pages, hard cover)

THE VOICES: Bruce Bochy, Brett Butler, Roger Clemens, Bobby Cox, David Dombrowski, Tim Flannery, John Franco, Terry Francona, Jason Giambi, Tom Glavine, Tom Grieve, Ernie Harwell, Roland Hemond, Orel Hershiser, Burt Hooton, Derek Jeter, Randy Johnson, Steve Karsay, Gene Lamont, Davey Lopes, Don Mattingly, Jack McKeon, Hal McRae, Mike Mussina, Roy Oswalt, Andy Pettitte, Lou Piniella, Jamie Quirk, Tim Raines, Paul Ricciarini, Arthur Richman, Frank Robinson, Buck Showalter, John Smoltz, Alan Trammell, Don Zimmer.

THE TOPICS: Winning, adversity, career, celebrity, competition, communication, courage, discipline, education, effort, friends, gratitude, history, honesty, humility, learning, luck, money, opportunity, pride, self-respect, self-sacrifice, parenting, patience, punctuality, selfishness and unselfishness, strengths and weaknesses, success, talent, teachers and teaching, life after career, and more.

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