About John


John Benson is the author of more than 50 books and hundreds of essays on baseball, including the hardcover Baseball Wisdom – What the Games Teaches Us, a compendium of interviews with many of the most successful players, coaches, managers, and front office personnel of the 21st century.

John’s writing draws on multiple disciplines for understanding baseball as a business, a competition, and an art form. He has degrees in politics, business, and divinity from Princeton, Columbia, and Yale Universities, respectively, and has worked in management for some of of the world’s largest corporations and consulted for others including PricewaterhouseCoopers, McKinsey & Company, AMAX, Anaconda, Atlantic Richfield, Asarco, AT&T, Goldman Sachs, BP, Emery Worldwide, and St. Mary’s Medical Center. He became a credentialed baseball writer in 1989. For years he covered the Mets and Yankees for The Scouting Report and The Scouting Notebook, edited the long-running Diamond Library series of preseason guidebooks: Benson’s Baseball Annual, Future Stars – The Minor League Abstract, and The A to Z Scouting Guide. John has been a regular year-round columnist for Baseball America, The Sporting News, and USAToday. He is a major shareholder of Diamond Analytics Corporation, which owns the web presence at johnbenson.com.

He is a winner of The Sporting News SABR Award for Notable Insight and Advancement of Knowledge.

When he’s not working, John enjoys serving in local government. He has run for office four times and been elected four times. He served eight years on the Board of Education of Wilton, Connecticut (which John said is the best public school system in the U.S.) including a term as chairman. He has consulted for the City of New York. He is active in several public, nonprofit, charitable, educational, and religious organizations. He is a regional representative of the Princeton Alumni Schools Committee.