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Private Pages
(Formerly Baseball Monthly)

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Formerly appearing as Benson's Baseball Monthly, changes in content and timeliness have created the on-line magazine, John Benson's Private Pages now available via the internet only.

One big feature is DRAFT PREP. If you subscribe for the month of March, or some time like January to April, you will get draft day player rankings, player values, forecast stats, and the so-called draft day "cheat sheets" to do well without a lot of preparation, and all of this info gets updated almost daily from spring training. (We would say "intelligence sheets" rather than "cheat sheets" because there isn't any cheating and there is lots of intelligence.)

When we started 20 years ago, there was no Baseball Weekly, no Baseball Tonight, and hardly any internet. The hard-core box-score browsers were willing to walk half a mile to find a newspaper early every morning. Times have changed!

Today's content is a vast expansion of information, all delivered faster than ever. Long ago, a subscription meant 12 issues of 26 pages each. Instead of 26 pages, 12 times a year (about 300 pages a year), now you get over a thousand pages a year: forecast stats, values, scouting reports, tips, strategies, exclusive interviews, and articles available through no other source in the world.

  • One of the most popular features of the Private Pages is that readers get to choose much of the content. John Benson answers your questions about your players and your decisions. As a subscriber, you get John's personal email address to submit questions (and a "subject key" to ensure that your question gets attention). The questions most likely to appeal to a wide audience will be answered right here in the Private Pages in johnbenson.com.
  • Available only on the internet. PRICING: One month $29. Three months $39. Six months $49. One year $69. Two years $99.